At The Wizard of Art, we want students to enjoy art while learning to draw and paint. A foundation in drawing is based on teaching the art of seeing basic shapes, light and shadow. A student’s natural instincts and abilities are nurtured through encouragement and support. Positive instruction can produce amazing accomplishments in art and establish a wealth of self-esteem.

The Wizard of Art enrolls students ages 4 through 104. Classes contain up to 11 students with 2 teachers. All classes consist of students of all ages and abilities, with each student receiving individual instruction. Every student works on his or her own artwork, according to individual level of experience and interest.

New students may join a class at any time and are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Instruction in drawing begins using appropriate drawing materials including charcoal and pastels. As the foundation in drawing progresses, students begin painting in watercolor, acrylics and oil paint.